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jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

La primavera

          Empiezan a brotar las flores de los frutales , en estas fotos futuras peras........

           A la espera de  que aparezcan mas  del resto de frutales , aqui mas de la serie "perales"......



2 comentarios:

Wersemei dijo...

Hola Alejo. Dices que mis fotos te servirán para aprender mientras las miras...jajajaja. Tú no necesitas a prender de mí, acoso yo de tí. Tus fotos tienen mucha calidad y tu blog es un encanto. Te sigo.
Un saludo.

ruma dijo...

Thank you for your love and sincerity.
I cannot take your words without my tears.

We did not know the real nature of the object which we made.
We have done irreparable thing.
The monster of the uncontrollability. . .

I am ashamed for world friends in our ignorance.
I apologize to world friends as Japanese one.
However, you do not need to forgive Japan which polluted the earth.
Because this result is last arrival point of way which ourselves chose.

The tsunami is the creation of the Nature.
The monster is the creature of the Man.

This tragedy is already too enough.
The fire fighting workers who prepared for death...
The citizens who avoid radioactivity, and wander...

The monster is Absolutely unnecessary.
Convenience. Luxury. Comfort. more, and more...
Even if I was robbed of all of them, I am enough if there is the beautiful earth.
I accept the misfortune with pleasure.

The beauty of the Nature which you show.
After our tragedy, I recognized them like the complete jewels.

I deeply thank for your warm heart and thoughts...

From Japan, ruma